A study trip for apprentices in mechatronics

A study trip for apprentices in mechatronics

23 mai 2018

From May 7 to May 11, 15 students from the Mechatronics LP (GEII department of Neuville) visited Stuttgart as part of their training. On the menu: cars, new technologies, ABS, but also Gothic churches and beer festival!

CRADLE OF AUTOMOBILE, the city of Stuttgart benefits from a dense industrial network, dominated by technology (Mercedes-Benz and Porsche have their headquarters there). The capital of Baden-Württemberg, however, is a very green city, full of large parks, surrounded by hills and pretty towns like Esslingen-am-Neckar, where vineyards sit side by side with medieval monuments.

A FACTORY, more precisely BOSCH Research and Development center was at the heart of this travel project: the students had an exciting meeting first with Eric Bisserier, Software Development Engineer for ABS / ESP system, then a visit of the testing workshops, before two pilots boarded the participants for tests on asphalt and wet track: sensations guaranteed!

THE CULTURE OF THE CAR! Of course you can’t go through Stuttgart without visiting the Mercedes or Porsche museums, just to dream about the legendary 300 SL or Carrera GT! But it’s also an opportunity to understand the application of mechatronic systems over time.

THE UNIVERSITY OF STUTTGART has also opened the doors of its research laboratories, which are very well equipped, particularly in the electric cars and autonomous cars engineering, a primary concern for a future mechatronician. But one of the best moments was the meeting with the two Formula Student teams and their cars, one with a combustion engine and the other with an electric motor. Those concentrates of technology are built, maintained and improved by the students themselves, for one to two years, including competitions! Our students have come out more determined than ever to improve their English!

THE FRÜHLINGSFEST, the spring beer festival, was a must to discover and appreciate traditional costumes and local gastronomy. The festive atmosphere can set tongues wagging ​​… The students and their teachers are enthusiastic about this trip and have only one thing in mind: get new experiences abroad!