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Welcome to the University Institute of Technology 



The University Institute of Technology (IUT) is one of the 3 institutes connected to the University of Cergy-Pontoise:

3 Institutes:

  • Institute of Education
  • University Institute of Technology (IUT)
  • Institute of Political Studies

The IUT provides courses for students with the desire for an efficient enter to the the job market therefore the training concentrates on skills that employers need. The easiest way to start professional life is through an HND course at an IUT.

IUTs offer HND (DUT) courses with the duration of 2 years and a Professional Bachelor’s Degree (LP) may be achieved after 1 further year of study. An additional programme (DU PFST) is available to foreign students wishing to start an HND course to improve their French. The courses are taught in French with an additional foreign language choice. The IUT specialises exclusively in technological studies with consistent guidance provided for students. A strong link has developed between the businesses and the IUT where the chairman has particularly relevant experience from the professional world. It will greatly benefit graduated students when applying for internships and permanent employment.

Facts about the IUT:

  • Existing for almost 50 years
  • 1,700 students
  • 122 permanent teachers
  • 7 specialised HNDs (DUTs)
  • 4 campuses

A programme adapted to non-French speaking students

The course, Preparation to Scientific and Technological Education of the French University Institutes of Technology (DU PFST) is suited for students who need to improve their French to a sufficient level in order to start a scientific or technological course in French after their secondary education. Only 8 University Institutes of Technology (IUT) teach the DU PFST: Cergy, Limoges, Le Mans, Longwy, Montpellier, Nancy-Brabois, St Nazaire and Tarbes. The aim of the diploma is to facilitate foreign students’ integration within a first semester of French IUT technological programmes, in industrial and services sectors. It should also allow the students to easily find their way in the French university education system as well as cultural and economic environment. This programme was introduced by the board of IUT Directors (ADIUT) where the admission process occurs. The course duration is 1 year for students selected by the ADIUT.

A multidisciplinary training offer

An HND (DUT) is a professional diploma by completion at bac+2 level (2 years after the baccalaureate) which combines theoretical studies, compulsory internships and projects with companies. It takes 4 semesters to complete by achieving 120 ECTS. The succession rate is 70% for the HND courses.

Geographical proximity

There are 7 specialised HNDs (DUTs) located in the 4 IUT campuses: Sarcelles, Argenteuil, Pontoise, Neuville. These sites are located approximately 30 minutes from Paris therefore they give the students access to studies at a lower cost.

Fields of Study

The fields of HND courses are the following:

Biology, Information technology and networking, Construction and Public Works, Logistics and transport, Trade and communication. For the complete list, download our Brochure.

Facts about the HND (DUT)

Students take advantage of consistent support, personalised teaching methods, practical exercises in the specialised rooms i.e. language labs and computer rooms. Throughout the course regular assessments are provided by professors who have professional careers alongside teaching. Employers highly value the experience gained by the internships and significant academic achievements such as on the frequent laboratory experiments.

Facts about the Professional Bachelor’s Degree

The Professional Bachelor’s Degree (Licence Professionnelle) is achievable at the IUT, which trains professionals who are able to enter directly the job market. The course duration is one year and by completion students will be reaching level 3 (bac+3). The training consists of theoretical and practical work, supervised projects and work placements. The graduation rate is a very high: 95%.

There are Degrees related to the Secondary Sector and the Service Sector.
For further information see the page of the Professional Bachelor’s Degrees.


Admission for international students is possible through online platforms:

  • For non-EU members : Campus France
  • For EU-members or foreign students who live in France: APB for HND courses (DUT) and CIELL 2 for the Professional Bachelor’s Degree (Licence Professionnelle)


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