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Welcome to the University Institute of Technology 



The University Institute of Technology commonly called IUT in French is one of the three institutes associated with the University of Cergy-Pontoise.

The Institute’s purpose is to offer professional courses in two different ways:

  • The technological university diploma (DUT) in 2 years
  • The professional bachelor’s degree in one year

A third program is also available to foreign students who do not speak French. It helps them to improve their French skills to start, one year later, a DUT in France.

The institute is made up of seven departments which offer several diplomas:

  • Business studies
  • Quality, industrial logistics and organization
  • Management, logistics and transports
  • Media technology and the internet
  • Biological engineering
  • Civil engineering – Sustainable construction
  • Electrical engineering and industrial computing

For the complete list, you can download our brochure.

Facts about the IUT:

  • Created 50 years ago
  • 1,700 students
  • 122 permanent teachers
  • 7 specialized departments of education
  • 4 campuses



Neuville-sur-Oise: 5 mail Gay Lussac – CS 20601 Neuville – 95031 CERGY CEDEX – FRANCE

Argenteuil : 95-97 rue Valère Collas – 95100 ARGENTEUIL – FRANCE

Pontoise (Saint-Martin) : 2 avenue Adolphe Chauvin – 95302 CERGY-PONTOISE CEDEX – FRANCE

Sarcelles: 34 boulevard Bergson – 95200 SARCELLES – FRANCE

A programme adapted to non-French speaking students

The program is called Preparation for Scientific and Technological Education. Its main purpose is to teach non-French speaking students the basics of the French technical language in order for them to prepare, one year later, a DUT in a French Institute. It allows students to easily find their way in the French university education system as well as the cultural and economic environment.

This program was first introduced by the board of IUT Directors called ADIUT which handles the admission process. The course lasts one year for the selected students.

A multidisciplinary training offer

A DUT is a technological degree completed in two years after the baccalaureate (BAC+2 level). It combines theoretical studies, mandatory internships and company projects. Courses give students ECTS which serve to validate a year and eventually to obtain the diploma. 120 ECTS are required to get through. The success rate is 70% for the DUT courses.

Geographical proximity

The different campuses are located approximately 30 minutes away from Paris. Therefore, they give students access to university studies at a lower cost.


Facts about the HND (DUT)

Students receive consistent support, personalized teaching methods, practical exercises in specialized rooms (labs and computer rooms). Throughout regular courses, assessments are provided by professors who have a professional career alongside teaching.

Employers highly value the experience gained by the internships and significant academic achievements such as frequent laboratory experiments.

Facts about the Professional Bachelor’s Degree

The professional bachelor’s degree is achievable at the IUT. It trains students to enter directly the job market after one year of studies. By completing it, students will reach level 3 (BAC+3). The training consists in theoretical and practical work, supervised projects and work placements. The success rate is very high: 95%.

There are degrees related to the industrial sector and the service sector.

For further information see the page of the Professional Bachelor’s Degrees.


Admissions for international students are available through online platforms:

  • For non-EU members : Campus France
  • For EU-members or foreign students who live in France: APB for DUTs and e-Candidat for the professional bachelor’s degree.

Tuition fees (2017-2018)

Fees for DUT programs: €189.10 (+€213 French social security)

Fees for Bachelor programs: €189.10 (+€213 French social security)

Accommodation: €450 per month

Food: €500 per month

Transport: €73 per month


IUT de Cergy-Pontoise – Site de Neuville-sur-Oise

Relations Internationales

5 mail Gay Lussac – Neuville-sur-Oise

95031 Cergy-Pontoise Cedex


Phone: 00 33 1 34 25 68 19

Mail: ri-iut-cergypontoise@ml.u-cergy.fr